Man doing personal training

Inshape Fitness personal training are innovative and proven methods to get you results.  Our personal trainers are caring and all love what they do. They strive to provide education, motivation, guidance, and structure to help you achieve your goals. They will help you  by creating for you an individualized fitness program accorging to your fitness level and ability. We will keep you accountable every step of the way and make sure you improve and become the Best version of yourself !

Our training methods are very different than traditional training methods; there is no yelling or screaming. Only encouragement and support. Our goal is to take the “work” out of working out and make exercise fun and invigorating. This creates a comfortable and positive experience that actually makes our clients look forward to working out. 

We usually advice our members with any kind of disability or illnesses to do personal training so they get undivided attention of a personal trainer  and thus get the right guidance to help avoid injuries and get stronger.

We offer three different personal training programs to choose from:  

  • Private 1-on-1 Training 1-hour sessions with one trainer and one client, with no one else training at that time.
  • Partner Training sessions are 1-hour sessions with one trainer and two clients with similar goals. Who have agreed to work out together and each one to pay the cost.
  • Small Group Training sessions are 1 hour Sessions, usually with one trainer (although another trainer may help with larger groups) and anywhere from 3-15 clients. These sessions involve a lot of interaction between clients and have a much more playful tone than our 1-on -1 sessions. They are great for family and friends who want to succeed together.

If you are looking top take things to the Next level and are looking to get maximum results at a shorter time, our Inshape Fatloss or gain program is the Best ;  This program includes personal Training together with nutrition counselling and habit coach and is available as a 6 weeks or 12weeks duration.